96KHZ 24BIT | 176.6MB | 64 FILES | META DATA| .als + RACK

PM: SYNTHASSAULT for Ableton Live

SynthAssault for Ableton Live is a live rack version of SynthAssault with one goal in mind - enhancing your music projects.
Create new sounds by automating 10 drum rack's macros

.Zip consist of: .als session file and Ableton's drum rack loaded with x64 high quality samples

About SynthAssault: A collection of 320 high quality, carefully rendered and designed,
cinematic sound effects. Epic impacts, huge bass drops, transformations, LFEs, risers and downers.
Perfect for enhancing gameaudio sound design, movie trailers and EDM

Please note that you need Ableton Live 9.7.6 or above in order to run it