Sound design is my passion. I like to think of it as something personal and multi-dimensional.
I'm always looking for new ways of capturing and designing sound.
I like combine different methods of sound design in order to create something unique and recognizable. 

I have recorded and designed tens of thousands of sound effects and own most of industry-standard sound libraries released by major recordists, designers and studios.
Having terabytes of sound recordings allows me to complete any kind of project.

I do sound design for:

+ Video Games
+ Apps
+ Short Films and Web Series (up to 30 min)
+ Audio Dramas and Podcasts

I worked with multiple radio and TV stations across the world for over 12 years now.
During that time I successfully completed hundreds of post-production jobs ranging from
audio restoration, editing and production.

Currently I am a senior producer and sound designer for the multiple awards winning podcast - 
"The NoSleep Podcast" (100+ million downloads from iTunes) and I'm a producer of a new
audio-drama "Congeria" (Top 5 worldwide on iTunes for over 12 weeks).

Post-production things I can help you with:

+ Audio Restoration and Forensic Audio
+ Production Dialogue Editing
+ Radio and TV ads
+ Podcast production (Editing, Sound Design, Mix & Mastering)


I use top of a line equipment - both hardware and software are industry-standards which guarantees cross-studio compatibility. You can find out more about it here.