Sennheiser AMBEO headset v Sennheiser MKH8060+ATE208

Timestamps & locations:
00:04 - Seashore 20m away from mid-busy 2 lane road
04:24 - 2 lane road 90m from the coast line

14-20mph (according to a weather app)

Sennheiser AMBEO headset + iPhone 5s
Inside Rycote Windjammer for PCM100 + DIY
Loudness: -24 LUFS, LO CUT: 80HZ Stereo | Binaural

Sennheiser MKH 8060 + ATE208 + Sound Devices MixPre 6
Inside Rycote Super-Shield Kit (Blimp + Windjammer)
Loudness: -24 LUFS, LO CUT: 80HZ Stereo | M/S (Mid Side processing set up directly on Sound Devices MixPre 6)


*M/S processing was set up directly on MixPre6 by using 1-2 MS linking. I could've gotten better results by recording mics individually and using M/S Matrix in post, however this meant to be a quick comparison. Longer video is coming soon.
** I head AMBEOs nested inside Rycote's PCM D100 windjammer and mounted on a tripod