This license is a legal agreement. By buying and/or downloading the files you agree to the following terms and conditions.
This is a single user license valid for the lifetime of the original purchaser.
The sounds are licensed, not sold, to you. AudioPhil holds the copyright to all sounds. The purchase of a license does not transfer the copyright ownership to you. 

You may: 

1A) Use the sounds synchronized with audio productions or visual productions, including but not limited to radio and television broadcasts,
       film, music compositions, web sites, podcasts, mobile apps, advertising, multi-media presentations, video games and similar.
1B) Use the files royalty free in as many projects as you like.
1C) Make a backup copy of the files for your personal use.
1D) Transfer a copy of the synchronized sounds to a third party if this is necessary to finalize a project you are working on.
       For example if you as FX editor are delivering your contribution to the final mix of the product or as part of mobile apps, multi-media presentations or video games.
1F) Edit, master, loop, enhance or modify licensed sound effects

You may not: 

2A) Transfer this license.
2B) Resell this license or the unsynchronized sounds.
2C) Redistribute the sounds free of charge.
2D) Claim copyright ownership of the sounds.
2E) Resell or make the sounds available as ringtones.
2F) Make the unsynchronized sounds available on a network drive or in any other way give a third party access to the unsynchronized sounds (except as described in paragraph 1D).

Attribution/Credit is only required for free “Sampler” pack users. You can credit us either PMSFX or
Anyone who purchased any of PMSFX packs is not required to give credit/attribution.


Digital purchases cannot be returned, therefore we cannot provide refund.


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