Cinescapes 1

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96KHZ 24BIT • 741MB • 20 FILES • STEREO • META DATA • LOOPS ↻   

Cinescapes is the third installment of CINE series.
It is a collection of modern, cinematic, evolving, sequential soundscapes.

Cinescapes (Cinematic Soundscapes) is a library created with sound designers and gamedevs in mind.
It’s not just another “drone” library. Every soundscape is unique and has been mangled through both external outboard as well as
some top tier plugins. It’s sequential nature adds a sense of rhythm without making it take over the whole frequency range.
All soundscapes loop seamlessly for your convenience.

Collection consists of 20 carefully designed and rendered soundscapes with baked-in Soundminer’s metadata.
All sounds have been created and processed using top tier gear in order to deliver crisp, modern, error free sound.

Find out what Euro Rack Synths morphed with modern digital synths and foley field recordings sound like.
RECORDED WITH: Sound Devices MixPre 6 + Senhheiser MKH8060
CREATED AND EDITED WITH: Euro Rack Modular, Eventide, TC Finalizer 96k, Reaktor, Synthplant, Factory, Live, Pro Tools.

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Cinescapes 1

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